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    Great Sequoia Corporation was established in 1978, and is engaged in the export of industrial valves, bronze (lead free) fittings (AB1953, NSF), pipe nipples (AB1953), hardware and air-tools. Our production bases have moved to China since 1994. A factory for the manufacturing of industrial valves was established in Fuzhou China in 2005.

    Hereunder are the associated companies of Great Sequoia Corp. for your reference, 

1) LV (Fuzhou) Co., Ltd.
    A joint venture company with M.A. Stewart & Sons Ltd. of Canada engaged in the manufacturing
of industrial valves. The primary business is valves to service the oil industries and paper pulp industries in North America. Products included threaded, welded and flanged steel valves.

2) San Yang Metal Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Was established in 1965 as a producer automotive ductile castings and malleable pipe fittings
(PLUM BRAND). It is now a holding company engaged in logistics and management of foreign
join venture companies.

3) Taiwan Sintong Machinery Co., Ltd.
    A joint-ventured company with Sintokogio Ltd of Japan, dedicated to manufacturing of foundry machineries, metal surface treatments and environmental pollution equipments. It also has a subsidiary located in Wuxi, China, established in 2000.

4) Taiwanabrator Co., Ltd.
    A joint-ventured company with Sintobrator of Japan, engage in the manufacturing of steel shots
and grits for surface treatment and granite cutting.

5) Winifred International Inc.
    An investment and holding company with interests in real estate and industrial companies.

6) Applied Nano-Technology Science, Inc.
    (ANTS) is a manufacturer producing vacuum devices and feed through for equipment used in the
IC and other high tech industries.

7) CP Yen Foundation.

    The Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the art of dialogue to facilitate positive
social change.

Our Management:
George Yen, Chairman
Tony Chan, President

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